Who? What? Where? – People of 19th Century High Street, Maitland

By Val Rudkin, 2015

The stories contained in this book are an attempt to paint a picture of the development of High Street’s commercial centre by looking at

Who?      The people who opened their business on High Street

What?     The nature of that business

Where?  The location on High Street, which in some cases was more than one


High Street begins at Wallis Creek Bridge and ends on Campbell’s Hill. With the building of the Great Northern Railway it was bisected by a rail crossing adjacent to the High Street Station. This is where the main business district began.

This is not a complete history, and with the ever changing face of business on High Street, there are still many more stories to be told.


This publication is available from the Maitland and District Historical Society, $25.00 ( + $8:50 postage if required)

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