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Membership fees for 2021/2022 are:-

For Current members

as per the resolution passed last year due to COVID-19:-

“That due to COVID-19 all members who become financial and complete their
membership form before the 30 June 2020 will participate in a 6 months free
membership extension.”

Therfore all members who qualify with this resolution shall pay ½ the agreed membership fee for this year only.
• Single - $10.00
• Family [persons of the same household] - $15.00
• Student - $2.50

For New members

from January 2021 new members and old members who did not qualify for the COVID-19 discount shall pay the current normal membership fee of:

• Single - $20.00
• Family [persons of the same household] - $30.00   

• Student - $5.00



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