Our next Speaker Evening will be held at 5 30 pm on Tuesday 4th May 2021 at the Society's rooms.

Speaker: Allan Thomas

Topic: Working from home for 40 years and the changing technologies (from slide rules to modern computes and mobile phones)


The Maitland and District Historical Society’s guest speaker for May will be Dr Allan Thomas, the Society’s Vice-President. On Tuesday, 4 May, beginning at 5.30pm, he will describe how he has worked from home as a consulting engineer to the mining industry for the past four decades.


Allan’s career story begins in 1962 when he started his degree using a slide rule to perform calculations. The slide rule gave way to an electronic calculator in 1967, then a pocket computer in 1980 and finally a PC in 1990. Communications progressed from post, telex, fax, individual file transfer, and finally email and the internet. In his Power Point presentation Allan will track these changes with many examples and his old slide rule and pocket computer will be handed around for inspection.


Given that society in general has discovered working from home over the past year or so and it has become a ‘thing’ to many people, this will be an interesting and relevant talk. Allan last spoke to the Society in 2019 when his topic was the history of Lochinvar.

The Society asks for a donation of $5 to cover the cost of light refreshments before and after the talk.



Speaker Evenings are held on the first Tuesday of the month (except January) at 5 30 pm.

(A small charge of $5 includes light refreshments provided before and after the speakers delivery.)

Future Guest Speakers:

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