Aims and role 


The aims of the Maitland and District Historical Society include :

  •  researching the history and culture of the Maitland area
  •  educating the community on the historical heritage of the district through historical walks, publication of research, publication of newsletters and public addresses
  • providing displays in local libraries, museums and galleries

Business structure


The Maitland and District Historical Society Inc. is governed by a constitution and managed by a committee that is assisted by subcommittees for specific activities such as fundraising.

The subcommittees function independently under the chairmanship of a committee member who reports back to the committee.


The Society's Committee as per the constitution is as follows :


President                                    Kevin Short

Vice President                            Allan Thomas

Treasurer                                   Jennifer Buffier

Secretary                                   Steven Bone

Ordinary Committee Members   Chas Keys

                                                   Tom Skelding

                                                   Janece McDonald


Patrons                                      Dr Cameron Archer AM
                                                  The Most Reverend Bill Wright, Bishop of Maitland-Newcastle

Bulletin Editor                                       Lisa Thomas     



Specialised research

                for Society members and the general public

Historic tours

                walk and bus tours highlighting the rich history of Maitland and district

Sale of publications, CDs, DVDs, postcards, photos

                both Society productions and others on consignment / commission

Displays and exhibitions

                will aim at educating and informing the community as well as highlighting the rich history and heritage of Maitland


                a planned programme of lectures where guest speakers are invited to present an address on relevant and topical subjects


                to explore and research specific areas using both the Society's members and associated groups 


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